Yu Jen Chen made her way to establishing her career through the redesign of the BFI website

After joining Parsons, Yu Jen Chen had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, including visual design and motion design. These projects were wonderful experiences that allowed Chen’s talent to be seen and thus became a great start in her career. The most impressive project of Chen’s early accomplishments was the website redesign for The Brooklyn Fashion Incubator when she was working at Wix Playground.

Brooklyn Fashion Incubator (BFI) is a nonprofit organization that mentors young talent in the fashion industry through annual events, workshops, and a 12-month mentoring program to help them achieve their individual growth and goals. commercial. To keep up with the trend and better serve emerging fashion entrepreneurs, the BFI team was looking to improve the quality of their website in terms of format and user experience.

Chen and his team began research to identify specific improvements that needed to be made. They found that the website lacked both artistic flair and commitment and was therefore not very commercial. Also, as a non-profit organization that helps designers pursue their dreams, the “Donate” button was missing.

“We found that the photos on their website were of very poor quality and the videos didn’t even work,” says Chen, “the whole page was disorganized. The paragraphs and the logo were too long. And the navigation should definitely be more classified.”

As the lead for this project, Chen soon clarified three main goals with his team: attract more sponsors, keep the audience up to date on his latest events, and most importantly, get more people applying for his 12-month show.

“Users of the website include a diverse group of fashion entrepreneurs, as well as sponsors such as Macy’s, UPS, Berkeley College,” Chen explained, “the majority of its target audience is women aged 18 to 65. We also plan to establish a more systematic call to action on your home page.”

Yu Jen Chen made her way to establishing her career through the redesign of the BFI website

Current BFI website, designed by Yu Jen Chen and her team

Chen believed that a professional and inspiring tone of language should be adapted. Considering the content and format of his competitors, Chen and his team finalized a sleek, minimalist font with dark gray and burgundy. As visual and motion designer for BFI’s website design, Chen worked on the UI design, style guide, and code. She was solely responsible for the wireframe design and motion output generated by interactions throughout the website. BFI’s SEO and app system has been significantly improved since then, resulting in more traffic and exposure.

Chen was recognized for having made a significant contribution to the redesign of the Brooklyn fashion incubator’s website. They are especially impressed by his knowledge of motion design for the user interface. Chen has successfully manifested her talent in design through this project and has worked her way up to become a professional in the design industry.