Wix Website Tutorial – Create a Beautiful Site from Scratch, Step 1 to DONE!

Wix Website Tutorial – Create a Beautiful Site from Scratch, Step 1 to DONE!

Wix is one of the most popular website builders today. Feature rich with a drag and drop builder. Learn how to create a website with this Wix tutorial Sign up for free here to follow along ➡

You can create any type of website you want once you know what you’re doing. To be honest, Wix has come a long way over the years. They’ve now honed in on their website builder to be the right combination of ease of use while having enough specific detail and control for more tech savvy users. Sign up here ➡

In this tutorial I show you how to create a Wix website from scratch. That means we’re not going to use any template. I’ll show you how the builder works so you can create different sections of your website, specific pages, the blog roll and individual blog posts.

I’ll also show you how to create a header, footer, call to action and an email opt-in section for your website. Last, we will cover how best to optimize your website for SEO as well as how to customize it for mobile.

Mobile design for Wix is important because a large portion of your traffic is going to be people on their phone. So you want to make sure you have everything setup properly with regards to your design for an optimal experience.


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00:00 Start
01:44 Create an account
04:16 Hero Image
12:17 Welcome Message
18:21 Visual Menu
20:55 Add video
24:53 Add Instagram
30:01 Blog Post on Homepage
34:55 Email Opt-in
39:55 Footer design
45:01 Menu
47:56 Logo
51:08 Editing Pages
55:56 Pro Blogging
1:06:14 Upgrade account
1:09:25 Connect custom domain
1:14:31 Favicon
1:17:07 Wix SEO
1:22:40 Optimize for Mobile
1:25:41 End

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