Wix vs WordPress.com: Which is Better for Small Businesses?

Best for Website Features: Wix

Wix App Marketplace

Wix wins this gallop, with a copy 4.9 Rated 5 compared to far below WordPress.com 2.1.

A key difference is SEO support, a crucial area for small businesses. WordPress.com gives you the features you need, but what it doesn’t do is give you guidance on SEO best practices when you’re building your website. In other words, you need to know what you’re doing, and WordPress.com (unlike Wix) makes very little effort to teach you.

Similary, The WordPress.com plugin store offers fewer “no code” options than Wix, which means you must have some knowledge of languages ​​used by computers to use most WordPress plugins. It’s also full of third parties that charge high prices, rather than “native” apps built by WordPress.com. This approach is in stark contrast to Wix, where the app market is full of “no-code” products and free apps built in-house, making it much easier for beginners.

Finally, marketing is another very important area where Wix is ​​making progress while WordPress.com is barely out of the starting gates. With the latter, the only marketing support offered is through third-party apps, while Wix offers built-in email marketing tools and extensive social media features.

So not only does Wix win by a wide margin, but WordPress.com’s flaws seriously damage its credibility as a small business website builder.