Wix Pricing: What To Know Before Buying

Wix Pricing: What To Know Before Buying

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This is a deep dive on Wix pricing. It covers everything you’ll need to know in 2022:

– What’s the right plan?
– What functionality is included in each plan
– What does Wix really cost? Is it expensive?
– What are the downsides of the free plan?
– What about Wix Ascend?
– What do domain names cost? What about email addresses?
– How often does Wix run 50% off promotions?

00:00 Introduction
00:12 Read The Fineprint
01:30 Free Domain Names & More
02:05 Plans Overview
03:05 Free Plan
03:34 How Often Does Wix Offer Promotions?
03:53 Domain Names
04:27 Email
04:45 Wix Ascend
05:05 Conclusion