Wix Partners with DoorDash to Launch On-Demand Delivery for Restaurants

Businesses built on Wix Restaurants can now fulfill delivery orders placed directly on their website, their dining app and its totally brand application through Door Dash Drive. With this new delivery option, DoorDash Drive can give Wix Restaurants more flexibility and control over delivery costs and logistics without the overhead of building or hiring a delivery fleet. This direct channel allows restaurants to use customer insights and buying trends.

“I love that Wix provides us with the DoorDash integration. As a small restaurant, maintaining our own delivery resources has been a challenge. The DoorDash Drive integration significantly decreased my stress about outsourcing drivers. This allows me to provide the convenience that my customers customers need within my control in terms of cost and time frame,” said Khanidta Sangtong, owner of Thai green herb cuisine.

“We are constantly offering new solutions to help our restaurant customers overcome industry challenges and grow their business,” he said. adam garfield, Vice President of Wix Restaurants. “Offering an integration with DoorDash Drive allows restaurants to provide a delivery solution that can increase profitability, create a stronger direct connection with customers, while reducing the logistical headaches of Wix’s commission-free platform.” Restaurants”.

Benefits for Wix Restaurant business owners include:

  • Optimizing operations and improving profitability by bringing delivery to your direct order channel with a flat-rate delivery fee
  • Access to a large and scalable fleet of delivery drivers through APIs and custom onboarding
  • Reduce delivery logistics
  • Offering real-time delivery tracking to your customers
  • Have more customer data and information about their buying trends

“We are excited to partner with Wix to provide a solution for restaurants of all sizes to offer seamless delivery through their own channels through our Drive platform,” he said. casey north, Vice President, DoorDash Drive. “We hope that Wix Restaurants users will be able to expand their reach to more customers and we are proud to support these small businesses by enabling delivery through their own channels.”

Restaurants are focusing on digital more than ever. To help restaurants thrive in today’s competitive environment, Wix Restaurants offers digital business solutions that include online ordering, loyalty programs, analytics, payments, and delivery in an all-in-one solution.

DoorDash Drive is available to restaurant owners through Wix Restaurants online, the dining appand the Wix Brand Application.

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Wix Partners with DoorDash to Launch On Demand Delivery for Restaurants