Wix for SEO: Separating Facts from Fiction

Wix for SEO: Separating Facts from Fiction

Wix is one of the most popular site builders on the planet. Yet, there’s a barrage of misinformation as to what Wix can or can’t do for SEO. We’re diving into the evolution of Wix for SEO so as to set the record straight. See what’s changed about Wix’s SEO capabilities and see where the platform is heading. We’re dispelling the myths and putting the rumors about Wix and SEO to rest once and for all.

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00:00 Webinar Starts
01:19 Introducing Our Guests
05:07 Overview of Mordy’s Wix Presentation
06:27 The Biggest Myths about Wix for SEO
18:12 The Evolution of Wix
22:23 The Road Ahead – Future Wix SEO Improvements
27:00 Wix Analytics vs Google Analytics Accuracy
28:57 How Complicated Is It to Move from WordPress to Wix?
30:36 Alec’s Experience Entering the Wix SEO Contest
37:48 What Sites Can Succeed with Wix SEO?
39:29 Optimizing Mobile Speed on Wix
42:20 Does Google Better Understand JavaScript Now?
43:30 Pros and Cons of Wix vs WordPress on a Personal Site
47:53 Statics Wix Pages vs Dynamic (Indexing and Rendering)
49:38 Important Considerations for a Wix Theme Template?
51:46 Simon’s Tip for Using the Wix Repeater
53:23 Elementor vs Wix
55:23 What Percentage of Sites Globally Use Wix?
59:01 Impact of iframes and Embeds on SEO