Weekend Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update – November 11

Google Algorithm Update

It seems that I see more signs of volatility on the weekends with Google Search than during the weekdays. We may have had another unconfirmed Google search ranking algorithm update this weekend around November 11-12.

I saw conversations start to pick up a bit on both public and private SEO forums on Friday afternoon. I also noticed that the tracking tools, at least some of them, showed more volatility on Friday and Saturday than on a normal weekday last week.

Weekend Update Trend

As I said, it seems that we have seen more signs of volatility on the weekends than on the weekdays. For example, we had reports of an update last weekend, November 4-5, the weekend before October 28-29, the spam update increased on a Friday/Saturday with October 21-22, but the previous one was a Thursday, October 13.

Recently, it seems that we are seeing adjustments on Fridays and Saturdays. I mean, can that even make sense if Google has search pitch meetings towards the end of the week and the pushes happen on Fridays? I’m just guessing here…

seo talk

Here are some of the conversations I found in the SEO community about this unconfirmed Google search update.


I mean it could bombard like the October spam update; things may go back to the way they were when the spam update hit; I’m trying to stay positive. 2/3 of the posts posted yesterday are ranked 1…fight coming up, friday is historically the slowest day of the week, today even though lower than normal obviously up almost 10% as well compared to last friday 😉

For me, it’s early afternoon on a Saturday and it’s very noticeable that something has “changed” on my global site in the last 48 hours with a return to mostly single page views per visitor. I’ve seen this pattern several times before when G has done something, so it will be interesting to see how long it continues.

After an above average first 10 days of the month, today is extremely quiet everywhere in all regions.

On Saturday my overall site was in the lower end of average pageviews at just under 61%, today it looks much more normal with lots of multiple pageviews, actual metrics right now show -25% less unique visits but +20% page views, much closer to average.

I continue to be amazed by the UK hotel website, it is way, way above previous years for a November with only a little beer sales, food and accommodation still going well with pre Christmas meal bookings! than in previous years!

Here are some from Twitter:

Google tracking tools

This is what the trace tool shows:


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Cognitive SEO:

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Advanced Web Rankings:

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Are you noticing big changes in the weekend standings? Let us know.

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