TRUiC Research Shares New Findings to Help Businesses Choose a Website Builder

In this digital age, it is more important than ever to the success of a business to have a properly managed online presence, with your website being the main component of this identity. To illustrate this point, if a company’s website user experience is poor, nearly 50 percent of users will search for competitors instead.

As obvious as it seems, the decision to not only have a website, but also make sure it is optimized, professional and ideal for customer use is a difficult one for businesses. Not because it is difficult for them to decide if they want such a website, but because organizing its creation can be extremely difficult, expensive and time consuming, which makes companies question their decision in the first place.

This article first reaffirms the importance of a website to a business’s success before providing some solutions to help businesses choose the way to build their website that works best for them.

Importance of a website

build a brand

One of the most important things that a company can do to improve is to show its brand to its potential customers. If customers can quickly and easily understand what a company does, its values, and the ideals it stands for, a company can increase its chances of finding and keeping customers tenfold.

Also, a good website is another way a business can distinguish itself from its competitors. No website, or a poor one, can be incredibly damaging to a company’s ability to compete with its industry counterparts. This is because people will simply switch to competitors that they can easily find verifiable information about on your website.

business growth

The main way to drive business growth is marketing, get your name out there and get people used to it. Today, digital marketing is the most superior option available. For those planning to use digital marketing to increase traffic and grow their business, they will need a website or landing page to power this.

To do this effectively, take advantage of the historical traffic that has been going to your website so you can target the most qualified customers and get the best ROI on your ad spend. This is something that can’t be set up retroactively, so it’s best to get your website up and running early, even if you don’t plan on running ads at the moment.


By far the most important reason to invest in your business website is to increase credibility. In any industry, there are a number of providers offering identical services to yours, what sets you apart is appearing more trustworthy. A clean, simple and professional website that is clear in communicating information to potential clients is very helpful.

The absence of a website (or the existence of a poor one) will raise questions about the legitimacy of your business. Building a reputable website gives a strong and reassuring first impression to people that your business is worth trusting.

Photo: TRUiCPhoto: TRUiC

website builders

go daddy

GoDaddy Website Builder consistently ranks at the top of TRUiC’s recommendations for industry website builders. It is identified as an excellent option for businesses hoping to create a simple yet professional website for their business that is effective in attracting and keeping customers.

There are many advantages to choosing this as the means to build your business website. Not only is it capable of producing an elegantly simple website, it has also been designed to be incredibly easy and simple to use. Business owners could maintain full creative control over their website and still have one up and running in less than five minutes.

Specifically, it’s an ideal tool for those businesses that are more concerned with the basics surrounding their site and less concerned with having the option of limitless creativity. However, the options aren’t limited to the visual aspects of your site either, as this website builder grants access to powerful search engine optimization (SEO) tools, email marketing.


Another great alternative to GoDaddy, Wix is ​​more suitable for creatives than professionals. The more creative-minded person can take advantage of its intuitive user interface and wealth of customization options to create a bespoke site. This is an optimal option for businesses looking for access to deep customization without the hassle of coding or hiring someone to do the work.

In addition to the visual benefits of using Wix, this website builder provides tools for market analysis and tracking your site metrics. For larger businesses, Wix provides its Enterprise plan with metrics selected for your specific website and business needs.

final thoughts

The need for companies to own a website is clear, this is not up for debate. What is difficult for businesses to decide is how to approach this problem of deciding which website builder to choose. Ultimately, this will depend on the specific needs of each business, but in a nutshell, GoDaddy is more aligned with small businesses that aren’t looking for too much customization, while Wix is ​​designed for the opposite.

That said, both are incredibly powerful and intuitive tools.

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