Top 6 Wix SEO Tips to Improve Organic Performance

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Optimizing your site for search engine ranking is both an art and a science. Wix has several capabilities for setting up SEO, but you can make the most of your site’s ranking by following these six tips.

After building your site with Wix, the next step in search engine ranking is Wix SEO optimization through the included search engine optimization tools and your knowledge of website accessibility and target audiences. .

While there are various pros and cons to Wix, its ability to optimize for search engines remains fairly constant. To get the most out of this CMS site builder, here are our favorite Wix SEO tips.

Top 6 Wix SEO Tips to Improve Organic Performance:

  • prepare keywords
  • Use Wix SEO Whiz
  • Optimize for mobile
  • Share content on social networks
  • Use image alt text
  • Set title tags and meta descriptions

1. Prepare keywords

Key phrase and keyword targeting requires purposeful research. While keywords typically span up to five words, you should also consider expanding to include long-tail keywords: longer, more descriptive, or exact phrases, for example.

For example, instead of just using the keywords “ice cream,” include descriptors about specialties or locations, like “vegan ice cream in Baltimore.”

The more specific your keywords are, the better your chances of attracting the right audience and securing those coveted clicks.

2. Use Wix SEO Whiz

Wix knows the importance of ranking, which is why it has an intuitive tool for SEO built in. By syncing with Wix Google Analytics, you basically include an SEO audit in your Wix sitemap.

This feature gives you a personalized optimized SEO plan by answering just a few basic questions and filling in your specific keywords (as thoroughly researched in the first tip above). It will list all the steps and actions required to rank in the major search engines and increase the probability of appearing on the first page.

When you look at how much Wix costs, this is a crucial feature that should help justify any doubts about pricing as you strive for reach and brand awareness.

The section to configure Wix SEO Whiz.

Activate Wix SEO Whiz in a few easy steps. Image Source: Author


3. Optimize for mobile

It is very likely that you are reading this article from your phone, right? The world of mobile browsing is only growing with each passing day, so making sure your site is mobile-optimized is an absolute must.

Not only does this help with landing customers, but mobile optimization is something that search engines take into account for ranking.

Use your Wix Toggle Viewer to see how the site you’re building looks on desktop and mobile to make sure it’s simple and easy to navigate. Plus, use Wix’s ability to implement Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), so your pages load lightning fast when clicked directly from search.

4. Share content on social networks

The more attention your site receives and the more external sources link to it, the better it will rank. A great way to increase awareness and create traffic sources (thereby boosting SEO) is through social media awareness and engagement.

Wix automatically optimizes your links for social media sharing, so take advantage of that feature and share, knowing your site is set to look great on Facebook and Twitter. You can even use the Wix editor to update the shared image when you link content on social media, so you can promote your logo or edit it as needed.

The Wix tool for creating social media layouts and editing ready-to-use templates.

With Wix, you can create social media layouts from scratch or modify professional templates. Image Source: Author

5. Use the image alt text

Don’t underestimate image alt text as it is a great unsung hero of SEO. Since search engines are AI, they respond to coding and words, but cannot interpret images. By adding titles and descriptions to images, you tell search engines what those images are, leading them to rank higher and drive more traffic to your site.

Additionally, Google perceives sites with optimized images as more professional and polished, leading to higher SEO rankings from the start.

6. Set up title tags and meta descriptions

Unique title tags and meta descriptions tell visitors and search engines what your site and pages are about. If they know what your content is, search engines will rank you higher.

Get the most out of Wix SEO

As The Ascent’s Wix Site Tutorial shows, it’s relatively easy to create a professional site. But submitting your website to search engines (and getting it to rank high with them) takes planning and taking full advantage of Wix’s SEO capabilities. With these tips, you will be able to improve your web traffic ranking and capture the website traffic you need.