SEO White Paper Reveals What Matters in 2023

The State of Technical SEO 2023 Report came out from digital marketing agency Aira and the SEO community of Women in Tech. So what matters in 2023? Here is a brief summary of some of the more interesting results.

Resources matter. The biggest risk the report highlighted was the organization’s lack of resources. Lack of resources means that changes are not made or are very slow, which means less than stellar SEO results. So if you work in a company where resources are lacking, task prioritization will still be of vital importance.

Tools and technology that matter. Google Search Console was the most popular tool for technical SEOs overall, with 92% reporting using it. It was also the main tool used (78%) to measure organic search rankings.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider was a popular choice for crawling and log file analysis. Meanwhile, Semrush was the best option for evaluating the search visibility of a website.

For non-ecommerce platforms, technical SEOs prefer to work on WordPress. Wix was considered the most troublesome to work with.

Time matters. Unfortunately, waiting months for technical SEO changes to take place is quite common: 88% of respondents waited anywhere from one month to more than 24 months for technical SEO changes to take place.

Perhaps a bit surprising: 22% reported waiting just a month for technical SEO changes to be implemented. Meanwhile, 20% reported waiting 12 months (which was slightly less than the previous year). And 11% of those surveyed reported having waited 24 months or more.

Skills that matter. What are the top three skills a technical SEO should have? According to respondents:

  1. Data analysis (72%)
  2. Reading and understanding HTML/CSS (58%)
  3. Content strategy (39%)

It was surprising to see the content strategy rank so highly. But as Steph Greaves pointed out in the report’s comments:

  • “Knowing how the content on a website is related is definitely helpful to fully understand the internal linking opportunities serving the user.”

Technical SEO = marketing. Search Engine Land contributor Mark Jackson has argued that SEO is marketing. So it was nice to see that marketing (74%) was the top response to this specific internal question: “In your organization, which team is responsible for technical SEO?

Dig deeper. There is much more to read. Here’s the full, unrestricted report: State of Technical SEO 2023 Report

Why do we care? Overall, this report is good news for our industry. Clearly, we are facing problems, most notably an uncertain economic outlook. There have also been many layoffs. But it is encouraging that the report finds that the outlook for SEO remains relatively positive and that demand for SEO remains in a good place.

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