SEO Tutorial 2022: How To Optimize Your Website — Tips, Tricks, & More!

SEO Tutorial 2022: How To Optimize Your Website — Tips, Tricks, & More!

David & David walk you through a Wix SEO tutorial and tell you about some Wix SEO tips, tricks, and features. Get started building your Wix website now:

It used to be that Wix wasn’t great for SEO because it was built on Flash and had some problematic URL structures. That’s no longer the case.

Today, Wix provides everything you need to optimize your website for search engines, whether you’re an SEO beginner or an advanced professional.

We’ll show you how to use the Wix SEO Wiz tool, get your website found on Google, set custom meta tags, and more!

Check out the Wix SEO Guide:

Learn how to verify your Wix website on…
– Google Search Console (happens automatically with Wix SEO Wiz):
– Bing Webmaster Tools:
– Pinterest:
– Yandex:

1. Introduction [0:02]
2. How To Sign In To Wix [1:07]
3. How To Access The Wix SEO Tool [1:21]
4. Configure The Wix SEO Tool To Your Website [1:39]
5. Get Your Site Listed On Google [2:25]
6. Optimize Your Site Pages For SEO [3:57]
7. How To Connect Social Media Pages To Your Website [4:48]
8. Add About Page Description For Search Results [5:11]
9. Wix SEO Guide [5:42]
10. Wix SEO Tools [6:19]
11. SEO Patterns [6:26]
12. Sitemaps [7:09]
13. Site Verification [7:19]
14. URL Redirect Manager [7:47]
15. Robots.txt File Editor [8:33]
16. General SEO Settings [8:46]
17. How To Optimize Your Site From The Wix Editor [9:20]
18. How To Add Image Alt Text [9:26]
19. How To Add SEO Titles and Meta Descriptions To Blog Posts [9:56]
20. Next Steps [10:54]

***This video was sponsored by Wix.***

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