SEO For a Wix Website

SEO For a Wix Website

How to do SEO for a Wix Website?
This video covers some of the main SEO areas that are important to do for a new Wix website.

1-Keyword Research.
For this I have used Ahrefs, which is my favorite SEO research tool. Ahrefs allows you to find the right keywords that you should be using for your website. You can see things like search volume and difficulty score so that you have an idea of how competitive this keywords is.

2-On Page optimization.
Optimizing the page title and meta description for the homepage and each one of the relevant pages of the website.

3-Index your new Wix website with Google and other search engines.
Submit your website to Google Search Console.

4-Get listed on the Maps
Create a Google My Business Account (GMB) and enter all of your business’s information: Name, Phone Number, Address, Website URL, hours of operation, etc.

5-Backlinks and business citations
Get backlinks and local directory citations to boost your SEO and website rankings. Pay attention to how your business is listed and fix any errors that may create inconsistency with your Google My Business listing.

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