Our top tips for starting a new career with no experience

Neither Rome nor the CEOs were built in a day. It will most likely take some time before you find the right company to join your new career field. When you don’t have a lot of experience, you’ll have better luck getting hired at start-ups. These companies are often desperate for workers, so they are more likely to hire you for your soft skills and basic knowledge, rather than your experience. Working for a new company can also have some advantages. According to Indeed, these young companies tend to offer good learning environments, relaxed atmospheres, and plenty of opportunities to grow your career.

Of course, with the economy in its current state, you can afford to be a bit picky about your interviews. Workers are a hot commodity these days, so take advantage of this (of course, you’re the most popular, since you’re eager to learn!). Be patient and keep applying for new jobs and gaining experience in your spare time. When you land an interview for a really great company, remember to dress nicely, be honest on your resume, and emphasize your willingness to learn and your enthusiasm for the opportunity.