It doesn’t matter as long as it’s quality.

It doesnt matter as long as its quality

Google’s John Mueller was asked if it matters if he publishes content written by outsourced versus internal resources. John said never mind, Google doesn’t differentiate between outsourced content and in-house content. For Google, the important thing is that the content is of quality, no matter who writes it.

This came up at the 54:47 mark in the last hangout where John was asked “how much does it matter if a publisher outsources content for scalability reasons instead of having content created by staff or staff writers?”

John responded, “I don’t think for the most part we differentiate ourselves. It’s more about the quality of the content in general.” He added: “So that’s something where if you outsource content and then you get good content, then you publish that good content. So from that point of view, I wouldn’t say that outsourcing content versus in-house content is kind of a different by definition when it comes to overall quality.

Rob then asked John how Google would know if the content was outsourced or not. John said “I don’t know” and then was interrupted, so he didn’t really finish that thought.

He then said that when it comes to “added content”, that’s a problem. John said that “it would be different if you were aggregating content from other sites. That’s something we could detect. But if it really is someone internal or someone from an agency writing the content for you. It’s the content you’re posting.”

Here is the embedded video of this conversation:

Here’s how Glenn Gabe put it, with a few comments:

The topic of authors and whether Google can recognize the author is interesting. Can Google judge whether or not an author is real, whether their content should be written by real doctors, or whether the content should be written the way a doctor would write it? Google has said that author is not a ranking factor before and Google has previously recommended that doctors review their medical content and have an expert write their content. But Google also downplayed the names of rental experts for this purpose, despite what Google has said before trying to acknowledge the author’s details.

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