Is Wix Good for SEO? Wix SEO Mythbusting (Honest Review)

Is Wix Good for SEO? Wix SEO Mythbusting (Honest Review)

I often read online that when it comes to Wix for SEO, the platform isn’t great. That’s why I wanted to make a quick Wix Review to show you some of the most ridiculous myths that people spread about the Wix website builder platform.


(00:00) Intro
(01:10) Myth 1: Wix is slow
(01:58) Myth 2: You can’t change metadata
(02:13) Myth 3: You can’t optimise images
(02:41) Myth 4: It’s hard to get indexed quickly
(03:44) Myth 5: The editor isn’t mobile friendly
(04:23) Things I like about Wix
(05:46) Outro

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