How to Drive Traffic to Your Website with Wix Marketing Tools

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website with Wix Marketing Tools

Follow along and increase your site traffic and engagement through marketing and SEO on Wix.

In today’s video I am showing you how to have more people come to your website! Getting found on Google does not have to be difficult. With Wix’s tools they walk you through step by step, on how to be successful. Through the video I show you were you can find SEO tools and marketing tips to elevate your search engine. Be sure to check out my other video on building an online store first to better understand the basics of Wix.

I hope you enjoy this video and it helps grow your site. Please comment your sites down below and I would love to check them out. While you are here be sure to subscribe and I’ll see you Monday with the next video 🙂

Getting Verified on Google: 1:00
Completing Your SEO Plan 2:07
Live Chat 4:41
Using Forms 5:48
Email Marketing 6:39
Animations 7:36
Social Media Posts 9:54
Price Quotes 11:05
Invoices 12:20

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