How to add SEO to a Wix website and improve your Google search ranking

How to add SEO to a Wix website and improve your Google search ranking

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It’s important to know how to add seo to wix website. Wix SEO is actually very good, i’ll give you all the wix website SEO tips in this tutorial to help guide you through the basics of SEO setup and create strong search engine optimization so that your wix website ranks well on google and other search engines.

This SEO training video tutorial explains Wix SEO in very simple and easy to understand language.

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00:00 Intro
00:39 What is SEO
04:58 Where to add Google page titles and Google page descriptions
11:22 How to add Alt Text to images
13:43 Making sure your website is easy to navigate
19:55 How to add more elements to your home page for more calls to action
23:48 Using your mobile friendly version wix website
26:24 How to add security or SSL certificate to a wix website
26:51 Adding an About You page for SEO purposes
28:17 Adding contact calls to action on each page for service based business websites
31:34 Domain age and how it effects SEO
32:17 Adding a blog for seo purposes and backlinks
35:47 Adding videos to you tube to help with your website seo
36:35 Use the Wix SEO wiz and submit your wix website to google
37:30 Setting up a Google My Business account for SEO

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