How To Add Meta Titles To Your Website (WordPress + WIX) [SEO Sn-Hacks ep8]

How To Add Meta Titles To Your Website (WordPress + WIX) [SEO Sn-Hacks ep8]

Find out how to add meta titles and descriptions to your WIX or WordPress website for SEO (search engine optimisation). That’s what SEO Consultant Janelle covers in episode 8 of SEO Sn-Hacks!

– How to add meta data in WIX: 1:26
– How to add meta data in WordPress: 2:38

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🤔Who’s Janelle? She’s a SEO and Content Marketing Consultant from ContentQueen. She’s based in New Zealand (hence the stunning accent), works with clients worldwide, and believes in having fun at work (which includes snacks, beer and banter).

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