Google Coati update, more weekend tremors, local reviews bug, Google ads spoof, delayed Apple search and more

This week, we learned that Google’s Panda update at one point became what was called the Google Coati update. Google also had another weekend update last week. Google Search Console added a new shopping tab with more streamlined Merchant Center integration. Google said it now recommends periods over commas for review snippet numeric decimal separators. Google said that manual rich result actions can lead not only to rich result removal, but also to broader spam manual action. Google said that cross-linking words in your content should only be done where relevant. Google detects URL parameters that don’t work, but learns to remove them over time. Google said that redirects from non-relevant pages will not harm the landing page. Google launches new features for search, shopping, maps, augmented reality and more. Google is testing more Explore features in Google Search. Google is testing picture-in-picture features in search. Google reviews dropped due to a weird suggested editing error, but we’re told it’s fixed. A local study says that checking current affairs is important for rankings. You should beware of false ownership claims to your Google business profile. Google is testing new local knowledge panel photo interfaces. The Google Business Updates tool now has an image cropping tool. Google Business Profiles added an attribute for the World Cup and whether you’re showing it live at your venue. Google is bribing advertisers with $100 or more to sign up for the automatic recommendations app, but PPC users say no. And Apple Search is at least four years from now. And if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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