Developer-Focused Products Introduced to Accelerate the Future of Web Building

“The future of the Internet is in the hands of developers and it’s our job to create products to help them build it.Wix CEO at Wix DevCon 2022

NEW YORK, September 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ltd. (NASDAQ: WIX), a leading global SaaS platform for creating, managing and growing an online presence, today completed the first ever Wix DevCon 2022, featuring presentations led by Wix experts and various product announcements, all created by developers. . for developers. The new tools focus on expanding the Wix product suite, providing more control and customization for professional web developers.

“Over the past 12 years, we’ve worked hard to make Wix a more robust platform with many solutions to better support developers. Now, we’re committed to opening up the core components of the Wix business to further enable professionals of the web to create robust, personalized online content experiences using code,” said Avisai Abrahami, co-founder and CEO of Wix. “I am proud of how far the platform has come and the opportunity to showcase our latest developments at Wix DevCon 2022 and we will continue to innovate and support developers as they pave the way for the future of web creation.”

“Web development is at the core of Wix, evolving from a no-code platform supporting auto-creators, to today introducing our next phase to meet the needs of developers as they embark on their web development journeys,” said joav abrahamiChief Architect and Head of Veil in Wix Code. “Developers are building larger, more complex projects than ever before, so it’s imperative that they have more customizable and collaborative experiences. That’s why we’re not just rolling out new features, we’re changing our infrastructure to be consistent with the future of web development. The best part is that we are just getting started; we will continue to open and expand the platform to further accelerate the most powerful digital solutions.”

Product launches and integrations

Drive simplified use of advanced web development components

Wix Blocks allows professional designers and developers to create an app with drag-and-drop ease and then package it as a complete app with the power of Velo code, collections, and back-end code in one powerful solution. The visual design workspace provides a high-speed ecosystem that enables users to create their own highly customizable and reusable apps and widgets on sites built on top of the visual design workspace. wix Y Redactor X. Developers and designers can work simultaneously and collaboratively on the same project without heavy dependencies on each other, through the separation of business logic and UX/UI. This allows complete optimization of web development and management for both developers and designers. For example, when building an application, the designer can create different versions of the UX and UI with the same business logic for use across multiple sites, eliminating duplicate efforts and significantly increasing their workflow capabilities.

Unlock full eCommerce functionality

Wix is ​​redefining eCommerce with a new open platform that gives developers the freedom to design custom eCommerce experiences for any business need faster. The platform provides the flexibility to build scalable online businesses, whether you’re working with a company that provides a service, appointment booking, event tickets, or products. By opening up the first set of eCommerce APIs, users can integrate any salable item catalog into Wix and build any business on top of it, add additional fees to checkout and order functionality, introduce their own logic and third-party integrations for rules discount and Shipping options in box

Collaborative coding, a new integration with Git

Wix is ​​opening Velo integration with Git and Github, extending Velo from single-developer use to teams. Currently available in Editor X, Git integration allows developers to create and manage sites as a team, use any integrated development environment (IDE), integrate with CI/CD workflows, and incorporate automated testing and verification tools. The Wix Git integration allows developers to work in a more stable and standard environment and provides more transparency to better mitigate issues.

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Developer Focused Products Introduced to Accelerate the Future of Web Building