Deepcrawl Releases Technical SEO App for Wix

SEO tool provider Deepcrawl has released a technical SEO application for Wix websites, the company announced Monday. Designed for small and medium-sized businesses, the app automates weekly site crawls and detects issues ranging from broken pages to content that doesn’t meet best practice guidelines for SEO.

The Deepcrawl App Control Panel for Wix Websites
The Deepcrawl App Control Panel for Wix Websites. Image: Deep Crawl.

The Deepcrawl app for Wix is ​​now available for $7 per month.

SEO is on the rise at Wix. Wix has constantly developed its SEO capabilities and now offers the ability to edit your robots.txt file, custom URL structures, and more.

Wix’s direction and dedication to SEO has been quite evident in recent years. In the longer term, this is something of a game changer for the company, which once suffered from a bad reputation within the SEO community for problems like websites not appearing in Google search results.

Why do we care? The Deepcrawl app is an enterprise-grade offering that can help Wix SMBs monitor the technical health of their site.

From an industry perspective, the application of Deepcrawl may be setting a precedent in terms of technical SEO tools available for closed content management systems. As mentioned above, Wix has been focused on improving its SEO capabilities, which could help it attract more brands, as well as the SEOs that serve those brands.

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