Achieving Wellness One Positive Step At A Time

Achieving Wellness One Positive Step At A Time

What is Wellness

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, wellness is described as “the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal.”

As awareness in general increases, the individual is more cognizant of keeping well in all aspects of their life and why not? If we can wait with bated breath for the latest iPhone to hit the market or keep a sharp lookout for the fastest sports car to make its mark, why can’t we make the required effort to enquire about the most beneficial health program in town?

This is where wellness comes to play at its most basic. It is about the interest to find out more about what your own self requires to grow. It is about the curiosity you harness to figure out what works FOR your body and what works AGAINST it. It is about the courage you find to make the necessary changes in your life. And it is most definitely about the commitment you need to follow through on your positive ideals.

It is a most difficult path to follow for sure but the following benefits on your mind, body, and soul will help nurture you along the way.

Six Important Features of Wellness


This may be one of the most important components of wellness and everything it stands for not only because it affects all the other aspects but also because as human beings we correlate superior physical health with a better quality of life. So whether you opt to strengthen your core through Pilates, improve flexibility by practicing yoga, visit a Chiropractor to alleviate pain or try homeopathy to aid digestion, the body’s path to restoration is your first step towards wellness.


For the most part of human existence, this word has been associated with negativity and weakness but recent years have shed light on why we need to maintain its wellbeing. Strong mental health enables individuals simultaneously towards ultimate performance and self-satisfaction. Today with aids like Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy, one can overcome obstacles threatening to destabilize their mental capabilities. 


In today’s fast-paced environment, maintaining a work-life balance has become a top priority for professionals and entrepreneurs alike. Learn to recognize workplaces that promote not only a healthy, responsible lifestyle but also encourage morale and motivation. Find the benefits and positives in your job, creating connections with your co-workers and hone the techniques to combat increasing levels of stress. Mediation workshops, empathy training, implementation of corporate wellness programming are all great examples of how to initiate positivity in the workforce.


Social well being may have once been seen lightly by some but today it’s operational sense is being valued by many. Since social connections have gone digital, the need for physical communication has heightened. Where before people choose to partake in solo rehabilitative exercises today they are keen to enjoy wellness in a group environment.


A strong spirit encourages a person to do well on all levels. But how does one achieve that? Clearly, time and effort are required for this part of your wellness factor as well. What spiritual beliefs you hold dear should take a backseat as finding peace and meaning with life, in general, should strive its way to the front. Practicing meditation and mindfulness are some of the first steps to take on your voyage to optimal living.


There is no hard and fast definition for emotional wellness. Its explanation not only centers around being in touch with your emotions but about leading a purposeful life in general. A strong sense of emotional wellbeing involves considering the types of values you follow, having the ability to adapt to all kinds of situations and being genuine with others and most importantly, yourself.

Back To The Basics of Good Health

Life is not just about living day in, day out. It also requires an active process of making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling existence.

Each body organ requires the proper amount of energy flow and people need to learn what all is required in order to increase immunity and continue to vitalize growth. In addition to giving your body proper nutrition, an adequate amount of physical activity and a high dose of happiness, always be sure to be on the lookout for inspiring lectures, talks, workshops, and natural therapies to enjoy a wholesome quality of life.

An integrated wellness centre is the perfect opportunity for individuals who want to heal their mind, body, and spirit and for those who want to increase their awareness of optimal holistic care.

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The Hundred Wellness Centre offers a range of holistic services ranging from naturopathy to homeopathy and rehabilitative ones including chiropractic and physiotherapy. Being a pioneer in its field, it has also brought with it cutting-edgy technology like DNA testing and infra-red sauna to help in the diagnosis and prevention of injury and illness.

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