Apps for your little champions

Modern technology has made an infinite volume of resources available to people of all ages and states. Since children are more flexible in learning new things than older adults, even the least impressionable thing can leave a lasting impact. Regardless of age, there are apps that cater to the various needs of children so they can have fun while learning something new and interesting. Below are our picks for free, easy-to-use apps that are safe and helpful for kids. All of these apps are available on the Google Play Store.

Logic games: puzzles for kids

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Logic Games: Puzzles for Kids has sixty levels designed to challenge players’ thinking ability. Set to relaxing background music, the game aims to challenge children with easy to slightly difficult puzzles. These puzzles also strengthen logical thinking in three different stages, revolving around pattern recognition, understanding of objects and their order, sense of organization, size recognition, and deep thinking. Children ages seven to twelve can try this app as a fun and brain-stimulating pastime.

Children of the Khan Academy

Khan Academy Kids can help kids learn elementary level lessons in any category. It offers an age-appropriate learning environment and acts as an easy first step towards e-learning. The apps’ background sound and user interface design, combined with easy-to-use functionality, mean that even the youngest children can operate the app with basic instructions, such as touching an identified area on the screen. The app is also great for children with learning delays and the content is designed to be age-appropriate and suitable for children ages two to eight.

One thing to note, Khan Academy Kids requires a login option to continue. According to the information of the child entered by the parents, the contents will appear categorically in the application. Therefore, parents will need to register for their child first.

Speech Therapy for Children with Autism (MITA)

With its simple challenges and pattern-based challenges, Speech Therapy for Children with Autism (MITA) presents an effective way to help children with object identification, orderly thinking, and pattern recognition. Each level has fifty sublevels, so solving these tasks eventually leads the user to perform better in the long run. This app helps children with autism improve their language skills and helps develop basic communication skills. Language skills that require the ability to describe and identify objects are also included.

Language Therapy for Children for Autism is an application that has proven its effectiveness in developing language skills for children with autism. It is derived from a practical experiment carried out for a magazine publication, in which the observation included 6,454 children. Children helped by this app were found to perform 120% better than others on similar early assessments. Offered by ImagiRation LLC, children who need to start learning English will find this app very useful.

Lightbot: Time Code

Coding with puzzles is the original idea of ​​this app, which helps kids to start coding. The app revolves around a video game where the player has to use the available options to complete the task. The game helps with a basic understanding of how to move an object or do a job repeatedly for a specific time or sequence or figure. Suitable for children ages six and up, this is a good app to get familiar with the most basic ideas related to coding and programming.

Children can use tools to do the operations in the game. A player needs to play all the levels in one slot and move on to the next one to advance. In programming, the programmer needs to think in coordinates and motion based on the pattern in the problem to move something from one place to another. There are concepts like a loop, a continuous operation until a specific time, which are also introduced in this app. The same task continues in the games in this app to give kids a visual idea of ​​how programming works.

Oky Period Tracker app for girls

Depending on growth patterns, girls ages ten to twelve can have sudden periods. UNICEF Digital Strategy’s Oky Period Tracker is a collaborative app for girls who know little or nothing about menstruation but have experienced early menstruation. Help girls get their periods under control by giving them updates and helping them keep track.

Menstruation is not as deadly as it seems, and with this app, the job becomes much easier for girls. The secretion of hormones causes mood swings before menstruation and even on the days of menstruation. The app provides a regular update on mood swings by tracking feelings for each day. It also provides a regular update on the likely start date of menstruation each month. The app also includes information on puberty, nutrition, reproduction, and family planning. Since menstruation can start from a young age, it is important for girls to be well informed as soon as possible.